Grid Row

Artwork in the Main Rotunda
Williamson County Public Library
1314 Columbia Ave.
(New books section)

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*Grid Row artists must be members of the Arts Council of Williamson County

2018 – 2019 Coming Soon!


November – December

Featured Artist: Wendy Latimar, Watercolor Artist
Wendy began her focus on watercolors in 1999. Wendy is an intuitive painter and enjoys many subjects for her paintings, but florals and her Zoo Animals series are favorites.
Wendy has been accepted into regional and state juried art competitions, including the Tennessee Watercolor Society Exhibitions, Tennessee Art League’s Central South Art Exhibition and exhibits at Chromatics Photo Imaging Gallery in  Nashville. Wendy has shown and sold her work in a variety Central Tennessee venues, public and private.
Serving in artists’ organizations has been a significant support and experience in Wendy’s personal journey. She has dedicated many years as a board member for the Tennessee Watercolor Society and is currently President for 2016-2018. She also served as a board member for the Tennessee Art League. She is a member of the Arts Council of Williamson County and Women Artists of Middle Tennessee.

September – October
Featured Artist: Sketch Borque
Originally from Louisiana, Sketch has lived in Tennessee for over ten years. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts
and a Minor in English from The University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  The work is composed of colored
pencil drawings, graphite drawings, acrylic paintings, and some photographs.  Subject matter ranges from
portraits to narrative and surrealism.

July – August
Featured Artist: Nancy Hilgert

Two themes dominant in Nancy’s current work are captured in two bodies, Nature, Wood and Stone, and Ocean Things. The artist travels to photograph nature and historic architecture, as well as collect objects for the subject matter of her work. Renderings of polished lava rock and sea objects have been developing rapidly since 2009. “I love subtle color with graphite, some of it applied and some coming from the paper itself.” Nancy uses multiple weights of lead layered with charcoal and other drawing media to bring simple things to vibrant life resonating with photo realism and story.
Nancy is a local, regional and national award winning artist who enjoys competition and solo exhibits, while mentoring and promoting other artists. Founder of Women Artists of Middle Tennessee, Nancy is also Founder and Co-creator of which provides free promotion for Middle Tennessee artists.
Nancy has been a juried member of the National Association of Women Artists, Inc., NYC and represented by Local Color Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee. This talented artist also enjoys canine portraiture, book cover commissions and inspirations for galleries, collectors and competitions.

May – June
Featured Artist:  Carol Curtis

Carol is an accomplished watercolor and needlepoint artist whose designs capture the essence of still life and botanicals in exquisite detail. Carol’s needlepoint designs were commissioned to grace the White House Christmas tree in 1997 and she designed and distributed more than 75 original handpainted needlepoint canvasses to more than 130 stores throughout the US.
Carol has had great success with oils and pencil drawings but her passion lies firmly grounded in watercolor. Her eye for color combined with her appreciation of the textures and fluid lines found in the garden are well represented in her watercolor art.
As a teacher, Carol is dedicated to helping her students surpass their expectations. Having studied with a number of master artists, she is committed to lifelong learning and the expression of her inner joy in her art. She also shared her commitment to the arts by having served as the President of the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild from 2010-2012.

March – April
Featured Artist:  Carol Wiel

“Besides painting, there is almost nothing I like better than traveling and seeing the various parts of the world. I photograph what I like best, to help me remember the feelings, colors and inspiration that envelope me when I experience the sights and sounds of an experience. Then, using my memory and the photographs I have taken, I want to recreate it on canvas to share with others. A photograph is impersonal while painting is a very personal, sensual expression. Mountains, water, a perfect flower, or different cultures are inspiring for representational or abstract art. Creating art is a spiritual experience for me as I try to represent my feelings through color and design.”
Carol Wiel is a veteran marketing executive who developed an eye for color and design in the field of advertising. Carol has studied art and design at Watkins Institute and in workshops in many locations around the U.S. and in France. A member of many art associations, her favorite is her painting group known as “Art Seen” who do shows and support one another in all aspects of creating art.

January – February
Featured Artist:  Angela Faye

Angela Faye moved to Franklin, Tennessee in 2008 after spending time on her sister’s farm in Northern Missouri. While on the farm she received a peaceful reprieve from her career in advertising in her hometown of Memphis and was inspired to slow down and see the beauty all around her. Angela began taking random photos of chickens, goats, cows and “farm and country” using a simple point-and-shoot camera that her father had given her.After living the simple life she was ready for a change. Angela started going through her collection of photos and was inspired to do something with them, receiving encouragement from just about everyone who saw them. She began to make prints of her photos and framed them in barn wood, along with magnets and cards with her images.


November – December
Featured Artist:  Mike Moyers
screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-11-58-56-amMike Moyers is a contemporary impressionist with a passion for expressing life through art. Specializmikemoyers_arting in palette knife technique, Mike enjoys painting a diverse range of subjects from slice-of-life and plein-air to conceptual and abstract.
A Nashville native and graduate of Lipscomb University, Mike now lives in Franklin, TN. Though locally rooted, his art is internationally appreciated and published worldwide.