Featured Artist - Bonnie Williams and Madeline Singleton

Williamson County Public Library
314 Columbia Ave, Franklin Main Room (new books section)


Bonnie Williamson started stained glass lessons 20 years ago and it was almost an instant passion. For the next seventeen years, she has made almost everyone she knows a pieces of art and she eventually outgrew her guest bedroom and opened a much larger studio in Eagleville. After 30 years as a marketing rep, she opened Glass Onion Studio where she gives lessons and helps create other's passion for Stained Glass.

Madeline Singleton was inspired 10 years ago by a number of family members and friends who became artists in their later years.  She decided to pick up a paint brush and realized that it provides great therapy and was an additional creative outlet  from her past career as an interior designer.  In fact, each painting is often created to complement the space in which it will be used. Madeline's works spans a variety of styles, referencing movements like impressionism and Cubism.