Artist in Residence History

Fall 2016 – 2017 Coming Soon!

Fall 2015 Artist in Residence: Kristin Llamas, Ravenwood High School

Kristin worked with students at Ravenwood High School on a fantastic installation project. Tied to ropes anchored to a tree, the ribbons in the pictures below were part of the art installation at the school, named “You Will Flourish,” which featured thousands of ribbons and tulle flowers. Collaborating with Kristin, students designed, created and executed the art display.


Fall 2014 Artist in Residence: Nicholas DePalma, Permanent Installation, Fairview High School

Nicholas DePalma, the arts students at Fairview H.S. and art teacher Kathleen (Kat) Bartell created phenomenal artwork. The mixed-media projects were designed and constructed by the students with the assistance of Mr. DePalma using found objects and Mr. DePalma’s skill and expertise in architecture and construction.

********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** About the Program:

In 2011 the pilot for the Artist in Residence Program was launched:

  • Amy Stielstra – led the students of Abbey Coady at Grassland Elementary in a painted, paper, 3D wall collage.

In the spring semester of 2012, three Williamson County Schools participated in the Arts Council’s Artist in Residence Program.  With support from Williams N. Rollins Fund for the Arts, Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, the goal is to one day, have an Artist in Residence Program in all Williamson County elementary, middle and high schools.

  • Sharon Ensminger – taught native American finger weaving with teacher Elizabeth Ingrish, to students K-5, at Grassland Elementary School.
  • Stephen Graham – taught printmaking with art teacher Patricia Hickman, at Longview Elementary School.
  • Vicki Jett Terry – a retired college art professor, worked with Laura Rheinlander of Franklin High School.  Some of the student works were on display the evening of May 3rd at the Franklin High School Arts Celebrations.

“I wanted to thank you for the great experience we had with artist Vicki Jett Terry at Franklin High School. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students and myself to learn her techniques and work with a different medium. I would love to work with you again in the future to have other artists in residence at FHS. It provided such a unique experience for the students to work from and see a different point of view. Thank you for your generosity in providing the funding for this wonderful program and setting up the artist. I truly appreciate it and know that this is an experience that not all schools get to have.” Laura S. Rheinlander, Franklin High School

The William N. Rollins Fund for the Arts was established in 2002.  Bill Rollins’ passion was the breathtaking and intricate collages he created from origami paper. A Nashville native, Bill graduated from University School, attended college in Massachusetts, and then lived in Boston working in art galleries, staging art shows and painting. After returning to Nashville to further pursue his artistic dream, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He worked with his family and his advisors to create a legacy for himself and a continuing source of funding for the arts he loved.

In 2014, the Artist in Residence Program continued with Stephen Graham and Nicholas DePalma.

Independence High OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_3964 nick depalma image 2