Advocate for the Arts

It might sound intimidating; however, anyone can be an arts advocate. In fact, you’re probably advocating for the arts already without realizing it. Here are a few ways you can help:

•  Share your support of the arts with friends and family
•  Send copies of articles about the arts and arts education to legislative/policy makers
•  Respond to action alerts from an advocacy network like the Tennesseans for the Arts
•  Meet with legislators, school board members and other policy makers:
     Williamson County Board of Education Board Members
     Dr. Mike Looney, Superintendent
     Williamson County Commissioners
     Franklin Mayor and Aldermen
     Fairview Board of Commissioners
•  Write letters and articles for the local newspaper about the arts and arts education
•  Recruit others to advocate for the arts

Want even more ways to get involved?

Buy a Specialty License Plate

Did you know that a percentage of revenue from all specialty license plates sold in Tennessee goes directly back to local arts organizations in the form of grant awards? More than 70% of the money used to fund the 800+ grants from the Tennessee Arts Commission last year was from the sale of these specialty license plates. Consequently, purchasing a specialty plate is one of the easiest and most important things you can do to ensure funding for the arts in Tennessee! Visit Tennesseans for the Arts for more information on ordering a specialty plate.


Attend an Arts or Cultural Event
Sounds easy, right? It is! Williamson County and Middle Tennessee offers some of the best arts and cultural events in the region, and they are right here in our backyard. Attend a performance, visit a museum, or purchase art from a local artist. The hardest part is deciding which incredible event to attend! Visit our event calendar for a list of current arts and cultural events.