Grid Row

Grid Row Showcasing artwork of ACWC members and students (Williamson County Public Library, Franklin, TN)

Artwork in the Main Rotunda (new books):
Williamson County Public Library
1314 Columbia Ave.     


Birgit HeinBirgit Hein  Raised in the South, born in Germany, art and wildlife are my passion. The name HOKTI was given to me by Creek Indians. I have spent extensive time with various Native American cultures and am very interested in their culture.

This interest led me to the style of art that I love to paint, which is wildlife on leather, wood or canvas. My medium is casein, specializing in birds, wolves, big cats, and some landscape. My interests include the environment and conservation.

This year, I am a 6 year cancer survivor! This has made me more committed to  the planet, my fellow man and my art. I am grateful for all three! Some profit of my art work is going to the Louisiana Animal Hospital for the Gulf Coast and Bring Back the Cranes Organization.